Joseph Lewczak

Songwriter - Guitarist


Words by Joseph Lewczak and Richie Leone
Music by Joseph Lewczak and Anne DiGiovanni

1.    Ten years gone, down this long and painful road
Wasted time, was I just too young to know?
How I could hold it all together 
Despite the constant falling rain 
When we said it was forever
I couldn’t know that there'd be pain

2.    A heart beats strong, even when the love is gone
I found my hope in Summer’s long forgotten song
And when you pushed me down with anger
Tried to punish me with tears
I couldn’t let you know the answer
When you stranded me with fear


Cause I can’t be brok-en 
When there’s nothing left to break
(Even though you made me crawl)
And I won’t be broken
Now there’s nothing left to take
(When you made me feel so small)
And I won’t be broke-en, by you

3.    Ten years on, I can’t forgive I won’t forget
But time can hide, all the cruelties that were spent
When I lay naked barely breathing
I reached deep within my soul
I found the strength to push to kneeling
That’s when I knew I had control



Too many times the walls have fallen
Too many lives they’ve all been stolen
I never dreamed that I could ever love again
That I could ever walk again
That I could ever