Joseph Lewczak

Songwriter - Guitarist

Cold Sweat

Words and Music by Richie Leone 
and Joseph Lewczak

1.    Poison in my blood and on my tongue
I want you to taste me baby
You know I can’t resist with every turn and twist
Grab my hips and I'll rock you crazy
You know we go slow 
until you reach my river
A light bite I ignite
My body starts to quiver


Cold sweat
Comes over me, I’ll fulfill your deepest fantasies
Cold sweat
All over me, this body's just for you to see
Cold sweat, 
Hundred degrees, you know what I need
Come with me and make me scream
Cold sweat, 
Cold sweat

2.    No secrets left to tell I'm underneath your spell
Step on over to my place of fornication  
And now the time is right, so take me home tonight 
You've hit my spot 
I'm in your love manifestation  
Use me abuse me
My body’s in your power
You know what I need
My body's yours to devour



Don’t be worried there will be no limitations
Mouth to mouth give me that love resuscitation 
Taste the sweat and I will lose all inhibitions
Love me now until I reach intoxication