Joseph Lewczak

Songwriter - Guitarist

Erase You

Words and Music by Joseph Lewczak

1.   Drawing all those lines connections made between me and you
Our one entangled life,  amid sharpened points of view. 
I looked into your eyes escaping
A memory of love awakens
I know you think of fear mistaken
But I won’t let your heart be taken

Chorus 1:

And now to save my soul, I’ll erase you from my life

2. So many shades of gray, your colors fade to softer hues
My mind sketched out your face, now why can’t you see my truth
Now forced away,  it's complicated
Our study ends, time to curate it
On paper blank that we created
Just take this chance, why can’t we make it?

Chorus 2:

I have to save my soul, and erase you from life
Now my heart is broke, so I’ll erase you from my life


So many nights we spent filling in the colors, the greens, and blues and other scenes of life
So many days were lost, leaving out the others, and I'm losing you but I won’t give up this fight
Now your shutting me down and closing me out
Please stop turning around let’s erase all the doubt

Chorus 3:

 My only way to cope, is erase you from my life
Just give up control, and erase you from my life


You broke my heart I can't erase you
A fumbled start I can't erase you
No matter what I can't erase you

Chorus 4

Though it would save my soul, I can’t erase you from my life
My heart you stole, I can’t erase you from my life