Joseph Lewczak

Songwriter - Guitarist

Strangely Sexy

Words and music by Joseph Lewczak and Richie Leone

1.    All this commotion in Vogue it’s just a notion
You’re either hot or you’re not, not, not
But you’re a riddle, its never quite that simple
Help me connect the dot, dot, dots
Cause you shoot me, you shoot me down
With your nose ring, and your untamed brows

2.    The newest season, gives all the hotties reason
To paint it plum make it pop, pop, pop
You’re still a stunner, when you’re not even done up 
Your muffin peaks through the] top, top, top
You knock me, right out of my place
When you striptease in your unmade face


You’re strangely sexy girl
You’re strangely sexy
You’re strangely sexy girl
You’re strangely sexy

3.    The latest fashion is all the people’s passion
Try to impress when you’re not, not, not
Scenesters in dance clubs, tweet Hashtag N-Y-F-Dub
We’re not into that spot, spot, spot 
Cause you can spin me, spin me round 
With your gap teeth  I want you right now

Repeat Chorus 2X


Elle craves perfection
Alllure grabs attention
Pure beauty is not a threat
I need more selection
Smart, sexy, reflection
The confidence will make  me sweat

Repeat Chorus 2X