Joseph Lewczak

Songwriter - Guitarist

Two Moons 

Words by and Music by Joseph Lewczak and Richie Leone

1.      Silver beams brush your body,  I can't believe my eyes 
I wonder at your beauty, frightened that our love might die
You turn to me with expectation 
Emotion breaks the night
And then I reach to find the traces
Now I struggle to rewrite 


We’re two moons
Two moons in the night
Indications, expectations
Love wouldn’t survive 
Two moons
Two moons light our sky
A rare event, when light ascends
[ENDING 1:  Still our love as arrived]
[ENDING 2: Your love brings me to life]
[ENDING 3:  Know this love will survive]

2.      You smile and I just blush, our passion strikes a spark
But we're hanging on the cusp, and dangling by our hearts 
Now I’m filled with desperation
To see our love pull the tides
There’s no more explanation
Traveling at the speed of light



From different universes
Tell me how did we get this far
Each step I take with you got me falling
Let me cradle your heart
Howling at the sky when its dark
Our two moons come together make a beautiful spark



The silver beams touch  your body I can’t believe my eyes